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Block Parquetry

Block Parquetry is a traditional, beautiful timber flooring option that has stood the test of time, providing character, grandeur and individuality to your floor. The impressive appearance plus the warmth and durability of timber makes parquetry flooring a great choice while allowing you to get creative in your floor design.

Blackbutt Parquetry in Herringbone Pattern

Block Parquetry can be installed directly over a concrete slab, timber or plywood sub floor or structafloor (particle board flooring). When installing block parquetry over timber or plywood subfloors or structafloor we recommend the installation of a masonite underlay sheet. This enhances the structural integrity of the total flooring system and at the same time providing a clean, bondable surface for the adhesive. Parquetry is available in different thickness to accommodate other existing floors or price considerations; however we recommend 19mm thick blocks as they are more stable.

As block parquetry is laid as individual blocks this allow it to be laid in a large number of designs such as:

•  Brickbond

•  Herringbone – single or double

•  Basket Weave

•  Square on Square

These designs can laid at a 45o angle or 90o angle both of which have a stunning effect. Available in Select Grade or Natural Grade.

At A1 Flooring The Timber Flooring Centre, block parquetry is available in many timber species including Brushbox, Blackbutt, Jarrah, Rose Gum (Flooded Gum), Spotted Gum, Sydney Blue Gum, Tasmanian Oak and Tallowood.

Blackbutt Parquetry in Herringbone Pattern