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Cork Flooring

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Cork is an unique and natural flooring option that is not only soft, quiet and warm to walk on but is incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear. This environmentally friendly product is made from the bark of the Cork Oak Trees of Portugal.

When you are purchasing a cork floor, you are purchasing a floor for life. If you maintain your floor well, your cork floor will often look as good in 30 or 40 years time as it did the day it was installed. Cork tiles can be re-sanded and finished throughout their life to keep them looking as good as new. The natural characteristics of cork tile flooring make it an excellent choice for any residential floor.

Premium Floors cork floor tiles

Premium Floors Cork Tiles are made from top quality, high density cork that is regarded as the world’s best. Cork is naturally an extremely abrasion resistant material and its high density allows for a great indentation resistance. The profile thickness, density and quality assurance of Premium Cork Floor Tiles makes them the best choice in cork flooring.

At A1 Flooring The Timber Flooring Centre, we offer a selection of cork tile flooring such as  traditional cork flooring, and floating Cork flooring in a range of modern styles and colours.

Where does cork come from?

Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus suber). Portugal is the home of cork supplying the majority of the worldwide demand for this truly remarkable product. The first layer of bark is harvested when the tree reaches 25 years of age, after which the tree is left for 9 years to re-grow a new, thicker layer of bark. The tree is then harvested every 9 years, often for over 200 years, when a new tree is planted in its place. Only the bottom two thirds of a tree’s bark is ever harvested. Unlike any other tree, stripping its bark is considered essential for the physiological recovery of the cork oak tree, considerably lengthening its life in the process.

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Cork is one of the only natural products whose properties cannot be replicated by a man-made product. Cork is non-flammable, bouyant, waterproof, has excellent sound and heat insulating properties and is compressible and re-compressible. These truly unique properties enable cork to be used in a wide range of products and applications, from lining the nose of missiles to being used inside cricket balls; from engine gaskets to decorative floor tiles. In fact, an Australian University has used cork to test lung disease treatments after they found that the density of cork was similar to that of a human lung!