Sanding and Finishing

At A1 Flooring, The Timber Flooring Centre, we pride ourselves in quality workmanship. Our tradesmen are trained to produce the best possible result for our clients on both existing and new timber floors. Using the latest dustless sanding machines and top quality equipment, you can feel comfortable knowing your floor will be sanded and polished by skilled tradesmen. We are renowned for our attention to detail and dedication to producing high quality work.

Over time general wear and tear of your wooden floor is inevitable. The course of action that needs to be taken depends on the level of wear and tear. If there is only light scuffing and minor surface scratches/damage, a thorough clean, light sanding, and a maintenance recoat may be all that is required to restore your timber floor.

If there is deeper scratches and damage or the coating is worn out, the floor will need to be sanded back to bare timber and then new coatings applied.

Choose Your Coating Carefully

The choice of coating needs to be thought through carefully. We offer a complete range of coating solutions, including solvent based polyurethane, Oil Modified Polyurethane, non-toxic water based polyurethane,

At the time of quotation ask about the type of coatings we use. You will be given advice on the floor coating best suited to:

  • Toxicity concerns
  • Wear factor
  • Appearance


We take pride in repairing your existing floor by using selected recycled timber in conjunction with your sanding and polishing project. For example:

  • Replacement of white ant traps
  • Concrete fire place hearth replacement
  • Termite damaged boards.
  • Repair of floorboards where walls have been removed or new doorways cut.